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Old 03-02-2022
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vBulletin PHP 7.4

*DISCLAIMER* Unless you run something other than vb3, or your hosting provider is disabling PHP 5.6 this really is not needed. Upgrading to PHP 7 will most certainly break almost every product for vb3.
So unless you absolutely have to run php 7, just stick with php 5.

This is NOT a nulled version of vBulletin, in fact this is NOT even a complete version of vBulletin. I understand this is a violation of vBulletin.com's agreement (redistributing files) although, they no longer support their product and users of the vBulletin 3 series deserve updates!

This is a package of every file I have updated to give vBulletin 3 PHP 7.4 Support, along with various other fixes.

I have also updated the AdminCP version check, and News so you will be up to date on any changes brought to vBulletin DRC Edition.

- Before upgrading turn your board off, and disable EVERY product!
- After upgrade, enable products 1 by 1 and check for errors.
- I can NOT guarantee your products will work under PHP 7.4, you may have to live without something.
- If you discover an incompatible product please report it.
- Do not ask me to update a product for free, I have many projects I am working on. If you'd like to hire me to update a product send me a PM.

In order to use these files:
- Download vBulletin 3.8.11 from https://members.vbulletin.com/
- Copy the contents of this archive, overwriting the contents of the official archive.

Installing / Upgrading:
- Just like any other version of vBulletin.
Install: yoursite.com/install/install.php
Upgrade: yoursite.com/install/upgrade.php
If you need me to do the update for you there is a $75 USD fee which is only half of what vBulletin.com would charge you.

Some notable changes: Other than the nitty gritty of upgrading for PHP 7.4 support
- Google Adsense Publisher ID is now an option
vBulletin Options -> General Settings -> Google AdSense Publisher ID Once set you can adjust your AdSense options as normal.
- Chrome is now a detected browser.
- WYSIWYG Editor now works in Chrome!
- Admin CP News works how it always has, except now news is pulled from dirtrif.com. Allowing you to stay up to date on any changes.
- Version check is also now pulled from dirtrif.com so you are alerted if there is a new update.

If you wish to contribute to this project please send me a PM.

Donate to support the project!
Join the discussion!
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