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[DRC] - Auto Embed


Demo: (as of last edit)

Auto Embed, does simply just that. Instead of having to manage bbcodes, now when a user posts a link it will automatically become that sites embedded widget. With many options to tweak to your liking.

This is one of my bigger releases, although this product specifically I've only been working on for 2 days. Just with everything coming up so quick (wedding 6/26, baby shower 7/10, Honey moon some time in between, And the baby due 8/30) I haven't been able to get things released as I'd hope. I just want to give you guys something so you know I am still working on products for you!

Have a request?
If making a request, please include a link example to said media (what you would post on your forum), if this provider has some sort of embed option already please include an example of that as well.

Currently Supports:
- Vine
- Twitter
- Instagram
- Facebook

Next Update:
- Youtube

- Pinterest
- Google+
- Spotify
- vevo
- flickr
- 500px
- Genius
- google maps
- soundcloud
- and more

Have a suggestion? share it here!

Example usage:

Just past links like the following, in a post.
With the release of v1.1 users will be able to use broader variations of links
*note these still must be click-able links once the post is submitted though*

Example variations of the same Instagram link:
Better Screenshots: (huge so I didnt bbcode them)