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[DRC] - Thread Starter Avatars

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If this wins, it means it has more interest than I thought. I will put it on high priority =)

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Upon Downloading any DRC product you acknowledge and agree to abide by the following:
Products are designed for default vBulletin, downloads are as is and not gurenteed to work with your custom site.
You are permitted to alter the product code and images for your own personal use.
Under no circumstances is the code (original or modified) permitted to be redistributed.
Exceptions will only be made with written permission from Dirt RIF CustUmz.
All copyright notices must remain in the templates and are not to be modified.
Unless a One-Time or Universal Branding Free license is purchased. (contact me via PM untill the shop is complete)
If you have any concerns in regards to this, please contact me.

Shows thread starter avatars on thread listings. If your avatars are stored in the database (which vBulletin does by default) this will not add any additional queries, if you have moved your avatars into your file system this will add an additional query for fetching each avatar. Barely any hit to page load though =). Does not remove anything from your template, but does add icons for new post, hot thread, and closed thread that overlap the avatar in a stylish way.

- thread starter avatar
- hot thread icon
- new thread icon (that links to new post)
- locked thread icon

- show last poster avatar as a mini icon on top of thread starter avatar (this will add queries though)
- options to enable disable things
- options for positions


Avatars in the database with page load time:

Avatars in the Filesystem with page load time:

and just to be thorough, plugin disabled with page load time:
hardly even a hit =)

Thanks / Credits:
To MarkFL for his constant support, and help.
To Max Taxable for finding the file system bug

If you have any ideas to add don't be shy, and share your thoughts!

- vBAdvanced Support
- Plugins only active on specific pages
- Copyright only visible on pages avatars are active
- added T.O.S.

- added support for file system avatars in search results

- added support for avatars in the filesytem

- initial release