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Registration Booster
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Version: 1.3
By DrCustUmz DrCustUmz is offline
Developer Last Online: Jun 2020


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Released: 05-09-2020 Last Update: Never Downloads: 0 (0) (0)
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DRC - Registration Booster

Homepage:(Demo Available)

DRC - Registration Booster will drastically improve your sites registration rates, designed with a simple yet noticeable design that trends with today's web standards.

-modern elegant design
-very hard to miss button
-easily change buttons color
-customizable text

if you installed the original version v1.0 please remove this from your navbar template.
HTML Code:
<if condition="$show['guest']">

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Custom licence for my products

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added conditional I forgot to put back to show only if registration is active
there are now icons in the settings only if you have THIS mod
cleaned more of the code
added ability to change button color
added Dirt RIF CustUmz template group
removed margin bottom spacing as it wasn't really needed
arranged setting option to show at the top so i can group all my addons properly
changed url to direct to this thread
lastly sry added a copyright, although only guests will see it. and this is suppose to give you less guests, and more members... so its a win:win =)
auto template insertion
cleaned / separated code
proper admin options layout
- initial release





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