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I am currently Updating all of my products, and will have many to share. Some of which add features never seen brought to vBulletin, while others are mediocre. All of my products are designed for vBulletin 3.x series. If you wish to help upgrade any to vBulletin 4 please contact me. If you wish to translate a product for me, you are more than welcome all I ask is you provide me with the language file and I will add it with the product, along with credit.

*NOTICE* - All Newer Dirt RIF CustUmz Products will collect install information so as a developer I am able to support products most desired along with add to products not so commonly used. I do not collect any hidden information and I have no problem showing you the information I collect.

You can view the total stats along with YOUR stats (if registered here with the same email as your site) HERE although the advance stats will only be available to DRC Devs.