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The other night my pc crashed, my only PC. The PC in which all products are stored on, I have troubleshot it down to the MB (motherboard) PSU (power supply unit) or worse case (which I am doubtful) the CPU (central processing unit / processor). I am 100% certain it is one of these that has failed, How? I have removed everything from the PC (graphics cards, drives, ram, and all other peripherals non essential to the board at least posting data. This board should post a status code (number digitally displayed on the board) without a monitor or anything connected) Which it does not.

A have described the situation and have even posted a video of me testing the PSU on other forums (awaiting feedback)
the board is powering up, but the PSU seems to still be acting funny even jump testing it, as you can see in THIS VIDEO
These Images are the lights that still come on when power is applied to the board.

Troubleshooting steps I have taken:
- disconnect all non essential devices
- reset CMOS (the motherboard heart) by removing the on board battery
- jump tested the PSU
- attempted to "flashback' (update bios on MB) which fails (I think my flash drive may be too big)

through my troubleshooting though I am 90% certain it is the PSU, even though residual power is going to the board, I don't believe it is operating as it should as seen in the video.

In order to get Dirt RIF up and fully running I must resolve this, but I have a baby girl due Dec. 20th and it being the holiday season have no extra funds, nor any family to turn to. So I am asking my supporters to help me this holiday season.

The PSU I am needing to replace is the EVGA NEX750B
I'm 90% certain this will solve the problem, however if it does not I will need to return it and replace the motherboard.
The motherboard is an ASUS Maximus xi Hero

As a token of my gratitude all contributors will receive some of my products that will be commercial once everything is back up and running, I will also be placing these users into a VIP usergroup that will extend the life of dirt rif custumz, which will offer exclusive products, along with priority support. Supporters that contribute to this will also be on their own page contributing them for bringing dirt rif back to life!

I can not thank you guys enough for the support I have received over the years, and look forward to many more years doing what I love to do, creating free products for you guys!

Forgot to update, back in full gear! It did turn out to be my PSU!

Stay and grow with us 😁