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[DRC] - Page Minimap

This will add a minimap to every page on your site. Kind of like Call of Duty.

I have not been able to come up with "the best" css combination as far as highlighting thread content because of my lack of content. So if any of you come up with a really good combination that highlights more than I've managed to and looks good still, please share; and I may add your configuration to the official release! Think of it somewhat like creating a theme for Notepad++, Sublime (where the idea came from) or something along those lines.

Screenshots wont really justify this so be sure to check out the DEMO it is across all pages that's just the a long page I threw up for the demo.
(I haven't had time to focus on content, because I want to get my products out, so I just took one of my longer posts from here.)

There are some more advanced settings in the back-end, that I have tried my best to explain in the description, but if your'e not sure how to use them, then don't. Although I will try to help the best I can.

This was going to be a paid product, but with my prolonged unforeseen absence, and the promise of my products coming soon before I left, I just wanted to get something out now. So I hope you guys like it