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[DRC] - Covid-19

This version DOES NOT require DRC - CORE, although the next version will.

So here it is, my first release in years. I've been away from the scene for a while, but do to covid-19 I have a lot more time on my hands. I just got the site back up (but I have a lot to work on before its ready to be a home site, may just do a fresh install... idk) I only put a couple hours on this and wanted to push the release as fast as possible since nothing like this is out here already. There are currently no options or special functionality, but that will be coming soon!

YES I will be making a vb4 version, and possibly vb5 (have never done anything in vb5 so we shall see)

This addon adds a scrolling news ticker of the latest covid-19 statistics from every country, both cruise ship disasters, and the world as a whole to the bottom of your site.

- Always the latest Covid-19 statistics
- Additional stats when hovering a country
Much more coming soon!

This product was developed on the default style with no template modifications, if this does not work for you I (or others) will try to help you get it working, but there are NO guarantees.

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