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you must have jquery in your template in order for this to work, I did not provide it in the plugin because almost every site already has jQuery.
if you need jQuery you can install Drc -Core although is not required.

After searching for something to display live previews of a thread as it was being typed I came across two mods with similar functions although you needed to click to preview. I wanted something more automatic.

There are many ways to implement a "textarea" output to display things in real time as it's typed, but what about BBCODE we need to be able to show BBCODE within our preview, along with custom BBCODE.

I could have created my own JS and allow users to list their BBCODES as an option, but why make the end user enter every BBCODE they have in a list. Thus I opted to use vbulletin's default parser. Calling it every time there was a keypress was entered could prove to be VERY problematic for larger sites with multiple users creating threads at the same time. To overcome this I chose to add a delay, so when a user stops typing then the function is called thus providing the "live preview" those of you who have ever used codepen.io this feature is exactly like that.

Live previews work in:
New threads
Private Messages
Edit Thread
New Reply
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