The Switch

Well it was a tough decision, but thinking of everything I wanted to bring to the vBulletin 3 series I figured I would see what Xen had to offer. After trying XenForo for the first time since it's original release, I was more than blown away. xF has standard almost everything I have been wanting to implement and have already implemented. With the only caveat being ALMOST every product for xF is paid, but I promise you running stock has more than everything you could possibly want.

After over a decade of coding for vBulletin 3 though, it's sad to leave it behind. So I'll try not to. We shall see what the future holds, and I have a LOT to learn with the way xF is structured but even though this change my seem frightening to most, it is well worth it.
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Mar 23, 2021
This was my first time using it, and I am very impressed with what it has to offer. Still getting the hang of it, but so far just stock had quite a bit of cool shyt. Only addons I have so far is one to make the resource manager a store, Ozzy's verification badge, and a cheap theme I felt would be sufficient until I get the hang of styling myself, and a couple small free tweaks (including my own). Other than that it's stock.

But when I tried it out, and saw it had almost everything I have been working towards integrating into vB3 I was like... ok sold.
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