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After receiving a comment stating "Why are you so crooked?" for my estimate of 100 - 150 USD to not only update, but also decode, and translate a product. I want to clarify why my prices are what they are. Before this notice I had no option for a project less than 500 USDs other than "A Smaller Project" that is now addressed with 3 additional price ranges. I have a minimum fee just as any freelancer would for providing a service. Although exceptions may sometimes apply if a project is very simple.

I have a family of 5, and am in high demand being the most active vb3 developer in the vBulletin community. I receive job requests from multiple vBulletin and vBulletin related websites on a daily basis. Thus I developed the hire me section where I try to direct all of my potential clients, not being able to keep up with every other site on a day-to-day basis.

Along with the multiple requests I receive, I am also trying to develop my own projects, work on this site, and manage my company. That's right Dirt RIF CustUmz LLC is an actual company, a construction company for interior renovations.

With that said my time is valuable, just as your should be. Family is priority and taking my time away from mine will cost you!

When it comes to pricing I may not be the cheapest, I'm not a desperate adolescent trying to make a couple dollars, I am a father supporting his family, and a business man. I can guarantee you my prices are very competitive though, and I stay true and fair to my clients. I have over a decade in vBulletin (and other software development) knowledge, and I support my work.

So why not just go with a cheap freelancer off any website?
You're more than welcome to, just know most public freelancers while intelligent with PHP and other languages, most have no clue about working with a vBulletin system, and in the end they may be able to deliver you a functioning product although it may not be a very well optimized product for vBulletin, and those developers tend to abandon you after they receive payment.

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